In 2020, pop singer Gwen Stefani He surprised his fans after three years of absence from the music scene with the theme ” Let me reintroduce myself “, With only three months to start 2021, the singer once again indicated the possibility of preparing the arrival of a new album by releasing a new single entitled ” Slow Beat “.

This song is clearly influenced by reggae rhythms, hinting that the singer is ready to resume her career. “I was a champion, I rang the bell. I hit rock bottom, I went through hell. Climb the mountain, now I’m fine. I feel like I’m coming back through the belt, ”the song’s lyrics say.

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The singer shared a few words on the subject during a recent interview for Apple Music : “I’ve only had one encounter with Interscope and when you have these encounters with your label you feel like the underdog. They were so loving and kind to me that in that reunion I went (I was on a ranch in Oklahoma) and walked to a little cabin where we live and opened my computer to write this sad love song. “

The singer assures that her collaborators told her that nobody listened to this type of songs anymore, pointing out that the title came from Ross Golan Yes Luc Niccoli , two composers who are friends of hers and that the inspiration for the song comes from “Those ’80s movies where you’re brought back to life and they say’ You’re not an underdog, you’re an amazing person ‘”.

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These two new ones mark Stefani’s return with new original material since 2016 with “ This is what it feels like ” In 2017, the singer recorded an album of Christmas carol covers titled “ You Make It Feel Like Christmas ”.

In 2020, the singer released an official music video to accompany ‘ Let me reintroduce myself’ in which he reviewed the most representative outfits of his career, which were part of his music videos. From the dress she wore “ Don’t Talk ”, a theme from her time with the band Without Doubt , even the outfit from “ Just a Girl, ” Video released in 1995.

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