When people got to know Greta Thunberg they had mixed feelings many times and extreme. The girl who had chosen one day not to go to class for a lesson but to protest against climate change, has now turned 18 years old and as she stated in a recent interview she is quite different.Remaining Time-0:00FullscreenMute

The young activist, after many trips, many speeches, many meetings and very negative criticism of her character and conspiracy theories behind her actions, now declares that she is happy.

Greta continues to talk about climate change with a mixture of pessimism and optimism, putting on the table the catastrophic events that will occur if we do not do something to save the planet but believe that there is time to undo it. But after three years of experience she learned – as she says – how to be happy herself . And this is very important.

During the pandemic , like most people, she stayed home and used her free time for something very important. To grow up. The 18 year old Greta just before Cop26 November for climate change , told the Guardian about how the world has changed and it is still on the streets for the salvation of the planet .

Greta moved into her own house, walks with her friends and has fun. Something her parents never expected. When she sat on the steps of the Swedish parliament in 2018 with the sign ” Abstention from school for the climate ” she was still “the girl in the gallery who never spoke”. She never thought people would notice her. A year later, her protest had spread to 70 countries and more than 4 million students from 161 countries joined her in the largest protest ever on climate change.

Within a year he became one of the most famous people on the planet, was nominated for two Nobel Peace Prizes and spoke at the United Nations. Greta has learned to have faith in people. At first, he says, “I did not think young people cared about climate change because those I knew said it was important but did not want to do anything about it. But it seems like a lot of young people in the world care. And they’re ready to do something about it. I am happy that I was not right “.

Her parents were the first to change their lifestyle for the future of their child. Her mother stopped traveling by plane – which meant she could no longer work – and her father began accompanying her on her travels for her speeches. Her diagnosis with Asperger’s , meanwhile, helped her understand herself and her behavior. ” Many people with autism have a special interest and can deal with it for an eternity without getting bored.n. It is very useful sometimes. Autism may be something that holds you back but if you have the right conditions and the right people and feel you have a purpose, it can become something you will use for a good cause. “And I think that’s what I’m doing now,” he said, describing autism as a superpower.

Thunberg at 18 is more independent than ever. She lives alone, travels alone and enjoys the freedoms of adulthood . He learned to have fun and find interests not related to climate change. He recently went on a protest against the violence in Afghanistan and is slowly thinking he can go to university next year. What will he study? As she says, she always laughs when in conversations with her father she says that she would like to study something that is not related to climate change , because then that would mean that there would be no more crisis. But as he characteristically points out, he knows full well that this is just a fantasy. And no matter how changed remains the girl who in 2019 had said. “Ought not to be edo.Eprepe to be in school. How dare you? Stole my dreams and my childhood the licensing your words” Hopefully people still applaud her .

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