Filming of Freud’s Last Session will start this year in London.

British actor Anthony Hopkins, best known for his role as Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs, will try on a new image. The Oscar-winning actor will play psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud in Freud’s Last Session.

The film was announced at the Cannes Film Festival. Filming will start this year. The film tells about the last years of the life of an Austrian scientist. In the center will be a meeting with the British writer and theologian K.S. Lewis. Intellectuals will speculate about God and the place of man.

A film based on the play of the same name by Mark St. Jermain. Matt Brown, who directed The Man Who Knew Infinity, will direct.

It is noteworthy that the picture will connect both real moments of the writer’s biography and fictional ones. It is believed that Freud did not have any famous conversation with Lewis, but this did not stop screenwriter Armand Nicoli from first inventing a conversation and then putting it on paper, writes Screen Daily .

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