Trapped singer Britney Spears came out to fans with a happy statement. For several months now, a celebrity has been fighting for the opportunity to live an adult life without parental care. Previously, the court dismissed all complaints, and Spears herself managed to lose her lawyer.

Now, in the life of Britney, real happiness happened: she got a tablet at her disposal. The star boasted of this fact on the Web.

“Guys, I have great news. Today I received my first iPad. I am so glad! My kids had iPads, but I just got mine now. This is a great day! I’ve always had a small phone, but now I have an iPad and I feel like my life is changing. I’m so excited! “- she said on Instagram.

Not so long ago, Britney happily rested in the company of her beloved Sam Asgari. Despite everything he has experienced, Spears does not look desperate and tries to enjoy life.

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