Madonna starred in a provocative session for V Magazine as the dead Marilyn Monroe. The pictures repeat the scene of the death of a sex symbol: crumpled sheets, vials of sleeping pills on the bedside table, scattered jewelry, jewelry, bags.

This is what the legendary actress’s room looked like on the fateful day of 1962. Marilyn lay in fishnet tights, shoes and with a telephone receiver in her hand. This image was copied by Madonna.


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But instead of admiration, the star was accused of vulgarity and lack of taste.

“Rude and inappropriate”, “It makes me sick. It seems to me bad form “,” Granny is completely crazy “,” Someone, stop Madonna “,” It’s just awful to see such a fall in morals. Where is the dignity? “,” Absolute bad taste. There was a star and fell so low ”, – responded in social networks in the photo.

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