Warner Bros. announces the inevitable postponement of Gotham Knights for all platforms until next year.

There are things that cannot be avoided in these times. Some of us already imagined it would happen, but maybe not that we announced it so early. Like the Harry Potter game , Warner Bros. Games announced the overdue of Gotham Knights , Batman’s next big title. Instead of arriving this year, its launch is postponed indefinitely in 2022.

They announced it like that through Twitter , where they appreciate the patience of the fans. The reason they cite for the delay is the need for extra time to improve the gaming experience. As external causes, we can attribute it to the global situation, which has also forced so many other titles to move. their release date.

If necessary, any delay is welcome. The important thing in the end is to have a positive experience instead of a half-baked product.

Gotham Knights was announced last year as Batman’s next big title. The difference of this adventure from any previous one is the complete absence of the Dark Knight and the fact that the game will be focused on the multiplayer aspect. The spotlight falls on the Batfamily, with Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl and Red Hood as the main heroes tasked with saving Gotham City.

It’s not the only DC Comics licensed title we’re working on right now. As this adventure unfolds, Rocksteady is also working on another Suicide Squad-exclusive multiplayer video game for the next generation. This game was expected in 2022, but at this time we cannot know if its launch framework has also been changed by this news.

For now, it will be time to wait and see how the frontline evolves from Warner Bros. Games.

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