Google doesn’t seem to have seen telecommuting. Although it has announced with great fanfare its measures aimed at greater work flexibility, if we put marketing aside and focus on the facts it seems clear that the tech giant wants to have the majority of its employees nearby. from his desks most of the time. . The latest proof is that the city of San José, California, has just approved an Alphabet project to build a mega tech campus in the Californian city that includes, among other things, offices with a capacity of 20,000 workers.

The relationship between Google and telecommuting appeared poised to be successful when, in July 2020, Californians were among the first companies to announce that they offered their employees the option of long-term remote work , until then. summer, and they even gave them an extra $ 1,000 to open their own home office.

However, the passage of months and the gradual remission of the virus, especially in the United States, have gradually revealed Google’s real plans. The long-term teleworking of July 2020 turned a year later, at the beginning of May 2021, into a hybrid model with multiple conditions : three days in the office and only two remotely for 60% of the workforce, with 20% of the workers in face-to-face permanently and 20% in full telework, and a salary adjustment according to the destination of the employees who decide to telework.

Now the approval of the mega campus project in San José reveals that Californians are not only going to reduce their offices in anticipation of a decrease in the number of telecommuting employees They will increase them with a capacity for 20,000 positions in front of additional face . In addition, these facilities include housing for workers and all kinds of businesses, from cafes to supermarkets, a kind of Google town in the city of San José that will undermine some of the benefits of working from home, such as saving time. over long periods. trips.

It is true that Google initiated the procedures of the San José project in 2017, long before the pandemic popularized the telework model. Sin embargo, los californianos han tenido que ir presentando documentación al ayuntamiento de la ciudad de forma periódica durante esos cuatro años, con varias actualizaciones de los planes, las últimas de ellas en octubre de 2020 y marzo y abril de 2021, con el coronavirus ya between us, in which they have not changed their idea of ​​building offices with a capacity of 20,000 employees .


The campus

The campus that Google plans to build in San José will be called Downtown West and will occupy more than 32 hectares of land in the center of the city. It will be the tech giant’s first-of-its-kind facility that will feature homes exclusively for workers and other recreational spaces such as parks or restaurants. According to the project presented by Alphabet, the campus will have around 4,000 homes for its employees, as well as 300 hotel rooms and 800 temporary residences to accommodate Google’s corporate clients .

Californians have yet to reveal how much this project will cost their coffers, but according to the American television station CNBC, just to build an infrastructure and without including the offices, Google is expected to spend around a billion dollars , to which it should add just under $ 500 million in taxes and investments for the city, such as on-site transit.

Construction of the Google Downtown West campus in San José is expected to begin next year. with a completion period between 10 and 30 years .

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