Extravagant outfit allowed Kim Kardashian to once again attract attention.

The ex-wife of Kanye West once again imitates a celebrity. Just a few weeks ago, she flaunted Marilyn Monroe outfits, and now she tried on a vintage Monica Bellucci look from the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show.

Image stylist Yulia Pankratova noticed that both celebrities look gorgeous in a velvet bodysuit. She also told how such an outfit can be used in everyday life.

Photo source: Kim Kardashian screenshot / Social media

“Each of these two girls are good in their own way in this outfit: Monica Bellucci is more of a classic hot beauty, and Kim Kardashian is a modern trendsetter with a touch of outrageousness. This image in this configuration is hardly applicable in everyday fashion, it is more suitable for fashion exits or photo shoots, ”she explained in a conversation with the PopCornNews editors.

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