“God of War” captivates PlayStation gamers around the world. The adventures of Kratos on PS4 are significantly longer than in the previous parts. Want to know how long it will take you to play “God of War”? We’ll tell you how many hours of fun there are in the action-adventure.

The question of how many hours the play time of “God of War” is is not easy to answer. You will quickly notice that in addition to the main story, other aspects of the game also influence the length of the game experience. Basically the question arises as to how much you focus on the game. story of “God of War” and if you ignore the side tasks.

Just the campaign: that’s the length of the story of “God of War”

Whoever manages to focus exclusively on the main plot of the game about 25 hours needs only one pass. This length, however, assumes that you don’t spend time with side quests or exploring the many realms and worlds of “God of War” – which can be quite difficult.

Explore the region: play through the game with some side quests

It is particularly useful to source high quality equipment to kill heavier opponents. In “God of War”, you get them mainly through side quests or additional challenges. Exploration tours through the many different areas of the Norse World of Legends also uncover resources with which you can produce useful items for the Dwarven Brothers. So if you get distracted from the main campaign path every now and then, you just over 30 hours of being busy with “God of War” before the credits roll.

Platinum: this is the time it takes you to play “God of War” to get 100%

Anyone who really wants to find and complete each of the many collectibles and individual side quests in ‘God of War’ – whether it’s to get the coveted Platinum Trophy or just to be able to sleep more peacefully in the future – will plan at least 40 hours of play time must. To do this, however, you don’t need to focus so much on experiencing the gaming world, but rather focusing fully on the “grind”.

Either way, we strongly recommend that you take a lot of time or plan for several iterations of “God of War” from the start. Either way, given the overwhelming depth of the game, it’s worth spending a little more time with the gentleman than necessary.

More frustration than pleasure? More playing time thanks to higher difficulty levels

We must not forget the different difficulty levels of “God of War”. If the normal playing time of the PS4 exclusive game is not long enough, you can let off steam in the higher difficulty levels. Above all, the “Give Me God of War” mode can bring a few extra hours, but it can also quickly degenerate into frustration. Here, the opponents not only get stronger, their behavior and the respective placement also differ from other difficulty levels.

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