A scandal broke out around the singer Beyoncé: the star was convicted of insulting the feelings of a vulnerable group of the population. The global star could well have avoided this conflict by looking at a recent example of a colleague. But she didn’t.

The fact is that the artist used the so-called forbidden word in her new composition Heated. There is an expression in the text: “Sp**zin’ on that ass, s**z on that ass”.

Sp**z is used in the US both as “go crazy” or “go crazy” and as a medical term to describe the spasms that can occur with a condition like cerebral palsy. But more often the term is used in colloquial speech to pejoratively describe people with disabilities (HIA). As a result, the public was shocked by this trick of the legendary singer.

The first to attack Beyoncé were representatives of the charity Scope, which works on issues of equality for people with disabilities. Most of all, the experts were struck by the fact that the performer did not learn anything from the situation with her colleague Lizzo that happened three weeks ago. Then the latter was forced to apologize to the offended public, as well as delete her composition and rewrite it without the previously specified word, writes Daily Mail .

Probably, fans are now waiting for the same gesture from Beyoncé. However, she continues to remain silent for now, which infuriates the activists even more:

“Beyoncé has long been a champion of inclusion and equality, so we urge her to remove these offensive lyrics,” they said.

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