Katia Tarabanco is preparing her next TV step . The model we met through the fashion reality show ” GNTM ” and then participated in SKAI ‘s travel show ” Thalassolykoi ” with Giannis Apostolakis and Giannis Drymonakos , after passing through Santo Domingo participating in this year’s Survivor cycle , seems to be getting ready installed on the Open channel .

According to the publication of the newspaper ” Espresso “, the well-known model undertakes the presentation of the new fashion reality show of the channel, “Glam Wars” in the fall . According to the channel’s announcement, in this game every week four teams consisting of a hair stylist and a make up artist, will compete for the cash prize, trying to implement the concept that will be assigned to them by Katia Tarabanko on their models, making striking haircuts, hairstyles and makeup.

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