Lenny Henry, British comedian, attended BBC Radio 4 Today . There he boasted of his participation in the filming of the series in the Lord of the Rings universe. The show is being filmed under the auspices of Amazon, and they want to make it a prequel to all known events. Plot details were not disclosed.

In the wake of the dark-skinned elves from The Witcher, variety came to the halflings. The role of the hobbit was played by a black actor. It is curious that in life his height reaches 1.9 meters. A real giant compared to Elijah Wood and Martin Freeman, although for the filmmakers this will not be a problem.

Fans of the franchise were reminded that even the author of the books J.R.R. Tolkien noted the great dark skin of the hobbits. More precisely, not the hobbits themselves, but their ancestors – the harfoots. In addition to black hobbits, Asian actors will join the caste and, of course, the emphasis will be on women.

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