Ghostrunner was going back and forth sort of, right? The indie slash-’em-up was well received when it launched in the second half of last year, but it kind of got lost in all the excitement of the next generation. It has been confirmed to be getting a PlayStation 5 version – with a free upgrade for owners of the PS4 game – so hopefully there will be a better time to shine on the new console .

So when is this enhanced edition coming? Well, a new roadmap has been set for the title, and we finally have a release window. The PS5 version arrives in fall 2021, so there are still several months to go. However, the roadmap shows that a lot is being added to the game in the meantime.

New modes and DLC are arriving throughout the year, including a photo mode, Kill Run mode – in which you must complete levels within a time limit – and premium cosmetic packs. By the time it hits PS5, it will be a bigger and better experience.

In the same vein, publisher 505 Games has acquired the IP Ghostrunner. Spitting out 5 million euros in costs, the company now holds full ownership of the property, while All In! Games, which co-released the title, will continue to receive a share of the profits.

Either way, are you looking forward to playing Ghostrunner on PS5? Dash in the comments section below.

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