September 25, 2021

George Mavridis with her son Kristi Kathargia on his first day at school!

The new school year began with students returning to their posts, their favorite desks. Among our little friends was her son Kristi Kathargia, for whom September 13 was the starting point of all his school life. Naturally, the next George Mavridis was present on this important day. The well-known businessman accompanied his boyfriend to school, and then shared it on social media.

More specifically, George Mavridis together with the son of his beloved went to school with their four-legged friends, while he wanted to celebrate by sharing a photo of them on his personal instagram account. The post came with a special caption.

“First day of school, 1st grade. Good start to all the children who started school, I hope they never have to close again, because the years do not go back and the memory of school is invaluable! PS: However, I envied the bomber who on such a special day he will remember that he went with his close friends … ❤️ “he said characteristically.