In the court documents that TMZ could see, Esmé Bianco tells how Marilyn Manson had her flown to Los Angeles in 2009, on the pretext of playing in a music video for the song ‘I Want To Kill You Like They Do In The Movies’. On arrival there appeared to be no film crew, only Manson. He obliged her to stay with him 24/7 and forced her to take drugs and alcohol. The actress tells in the documents that he also beat her and even electrocuted her during that period. 

A few months later, he visited her in London and they began a long-distance sexual relationship that lasted two years. In 2011 Manson convinced her to move to Los Angeles to live with him. He also promised her movie roles if she pledged. Bianco claims he also abused her during that time. He would have chased her with an ax, cut her with a knife during sex and photographed the cuts afterwards. Those photos would have been posted online without her permission. According to Bianco, Manson used “drugs, violence, or threats of violence to coerce sexual acts.” 

Several months ago, several women, including actress Evan Rachel Wood and Bianco herself, already testified about Manson’s abuse. His management dropped him and his record company refused to release his upcoming work. The singer herself has always denied the allegations. 

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