The funeral of Prince Philip took place on Saturday, April 17 at Wisdor Castle, in the presence of Queen Elizabeth and the closest members of his family. There were his four children, his grandchildren and some many close relatives and friends.

The dress code of mourning for the members of the royal family provides for attire in black, something that of course everyone took care to observe, with the women of the royal family standing out with their elegant, but discreet, appearances.

They all wore hats, an accessory that is directly related to the palace’s costume culture and the British aristocracy. Some, such as Kate Middleton and Princess Eugenia, chose hats with arrows, while others, such as Camilla and Princess Anna, wore wide-brimmed hats, while Princess Beatrice and Sophia, Duchess of Wessex, had chosen.

Also dominant in their appearances was the black coat, which most made sure to have a classic design and discreet details. The Duchess of Cambridge stood out with her choice to wear a coat with a bow design on the collar, but also Princess Beatrice who chose a coat dress with gold buttons and a thin belt in the middle.

Black heels, black handbags and black gloves were also key elements in the royal women’s mourning dress code, but black tights did not seem to be necessary as many ladies chose to wear one in their skin color.

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