47-year-old Monica Lewinsky became a real scandal queen in the 20th century. She is suspected of having a secret intimate relationship with the 42nd US President Bill Clinton.

This event changed her life forever, she was the most talked about woman of that time. However, after many years, Lewinsky was never able to find personal happiness.

At the time of the main sex scandal in the world, Monica was only 25 years old. She did an internship at the White House, where she got thanks to her connections and good education. The burning brunette was immediately noticed by everyone, even the president.

They wrote about their secret romance in the press, talked in bars, whispered in the administration of the head of state, and only then sorted it out during the trial.

It is noteworthy that one of the forensic evidence was Monica’s blue dress with the remnants of Bill’s seminal fluid. At the same time, Clinton’s impeachment procedure did not take place, and his wife Hillary did not even file for divorce.

But Mrs. Lewinsky became persona non grata in the United States. This affected not only her career, but also her personal life. We can say that in America she became untouchable.

After the scandal, the woman was persecuted for several years. She was constantly pursued by the paparazzi, journalists haunted her, and people shouted insults in the streets.

It seems that she became the first target for bullying on the Internet, which was just gaining momentum. Because of all this, Lewinsky spent long hours with psychotherapists so as not to commit suicide.

She described all her experiences in an autobiographical book, and 15 years later she organized a fund to combat bullying on the Internet. She also apologized for the “major mistake of her youth” with tears in her eyes.

Later, 75-year-old Clinton called his affair with Lewinsky “an affair for the sake of stress relief.” This greatly offended Monica, and she launched a new project to combat harassment.

Through her own stupidity, she could not get married, have children, find a normal job. But it cannot be denied that this is also the lion’s share of the president’s fault.

Now Lewinsky still lives with his mother in a small New York apartment. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Monica said that, despite everything, she was not disappointed in people and did not regret anything.

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