One of the many new Greek series that (fortunately) this year will “monopolize” our screens, aspiring to raise several levels of domestic fiction, is none other than “Command and Dragons” by Thodoris Papadoulakis.

Characterized by many as the Greek Stranger Things, it premiered on the night of Wednesday, September 22 at Mega, and immediately won over the audience (TV and twitter), which “embraced” the prototype for the domestic data project.Remaining Time-0:00FullscreenMute

It is a very young, cinematic, metaphysical drama that is not reminiscent of any other series in the prime time zone and certainly can not go unnoticed.¬†One of the protagonists of “Command and Dragons” is Anastasia Tsilimbiou, who, invited to Eleonora Meleti on the day of the premiere, spoke about her experience so far in the series.

The beautiful actress plays Nafsika, playing the role of Vassilis’ eldest daughter, who essentially takes on the role of “mother” in the family, after she passed away.

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