The model clearly proved that she absolutely does not care about someone else’s opinion.

Former lover of Bradley Cooper, model Irina Shayk, responded to all haters with provocative photos. After Shayk started an affair with Kanye West, she is now and then branded on the web. Many fans of the West and Kardashian couple called Shayk the homewoman and noticed that if it weren’t for Irina, the couple could get back together.

Tired of the scandals associated with her name, Irina released daring pictures without underwear. Thus, the celebrity decided to answer everyone who is not satisfied with the very fact of her existence and her communication with West in particular.

In candid pictures, Irina appeared without anything, and without hesitation she covered her chest with her hands. To make Shayk’s skin shine, she was covered with oil.

“Extremely perfect!”, “Very bold and beautiful”, “Fire!” the same beauty “,” Supersexy! ” – Sheik praised in every way.

Photo source: Legion-media

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