Fortnite confirms season 6

The current Fortnite season will officially end on March 16 during an event where Season 6 will be released from Epic Games this week.

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Like the other previous seasons, the conclusion of Season 5 will come with the help of an important event, which Epic Games says will reshape the reality of Fortnite. Players will begin the event by following Jonesy , or Agent Jones as he is known in the current season, as he completes his mission to kick off Season 6.

“  Season 6 of Chapter 2 kicks off on March 16 with the explosive conclusion to the events of Season 5,” he told Epic Games. “When you start the new season for the first time, you’ll complete Agent Jones’ mission in the Zero Crisis Finals . The consequences of this event will surely shape reality as we know it ”.

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While most of the events that terminate at a certain season played on unique playlists filled with tons of other Fortnite players, this event is interesting in the sense that it is a “solo experience,” It said Epic Games.

The season 6 of Fortnite to begin on March 16th.

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