Bolingo descended to Tokyo in top form. She improved the Belgian record in the 400 meters no less than three times this season. But during Team Belgium’s training camp in Mito, she suffered a hamstring strain. Initially, the injury seemed to be not too bad, although the 28-year-old sprinter had to cancel in the last instance for the final of the 4×400 meters mixed. So now she’s completely off.

“My heart hurts so much, my mind is broken and my body is broken,” Bolingo wrote on Instagram. She says she “fought in vain as a warrior” but now has no energy left. “I am completely exhausted and, perhaps, on the verge of depression.”

“Over the past few years I’ve worked so hard to prove to myself that I’m not just someone who can run fast sometimes. I have worked so hard to prove that I have the potential to be successful and achieve great things in different areas. I’ve worked so hard to gain some confidence – something I’m still working on because confidence doesn’t come out of the blue, it’s the result of something.” 

Bolingo explains how she’s been racing against the clock since Mito, “but I didn’t come out the winner”. 

Although she has to leave the Games through the back door, she wants to stay positive. “I refuse to leave these Games as one devastated by grief, bitterness and despair. These Games cannot take from me what I have built up.”

Cynthia Bolingo’s Instagram post:

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