The psychologist told what consequences can overtake the panicky Jennifer Lopez.

Successful people often suffer from panic attacks. American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez was no exception. The star admitted that at the dawn of her career she was overcome by a terrible sense of panic, she realized this only years later.

The reason for the alarming condition of the bride of Ben Affleck was the monstrous overwork and poor sleep for three hours. Family psychologist Andrei Zberovsky confirmed that hard work can indeed lead to panic attacks and exhaustion.

“Attacks can be associated with a deficiency of the hormone serotonin, and not enough of it due to high physical and emotional overload, when a person does not get enough sleep for a long time and systemically, is very stressed at work, systemically eats poorly, does not pay enough attention to rest,” the expert said. in a conversation with .

He added that panic attacks are a consequence of the congestion of the body, when a person actually exhausted himself.

“Panic attacks make it clear that the forces are running out. They are characteristic of physically healthy people, but the body is so exhausted that real physical illnesses will soon begin. Now it just seems to you that your heart doesn’t work like that and you don’t breathe like that, and tomorrow you will really get yourself a stroke, heart attack, asthma or diabetes, ”the expert believes.

In order not to bring your body to the limit, it is important to rest. Good movies, music, conversations, new places and experiences can help.

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