The series “Sex and the City” starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Christine Davis and Cynthia Nixon was released more than 20 years ago, but gained cult status and remains popular to this day.

It got to the point that on the Web, fans of the show create entire media resources dedicated to him. And these are not just forums for communication, but real fashion magazines.

For example, in 2016 the Instagram account “Every outfit for you from“ Sex and the City ”” was created, which gained more than 700 thousand subscribers in four years.

Now the project has its own clothing store, a podcast where they discuss the series and fashion in it, and the authors of the publication also publish books about the history of the “Sex and the City” style.

Initially, frames from the series with successful images of actresses were anonymously published in the account, but then they began to add interesting facts to the description.

For example, it turned out that there is a luxury Dior hat for those undergoing chemotherapy.

Thanks to this, in just a month, more than 10 thousand people subscribed to “Every outfit for you from“ Sex and the City ”” on Instagram.

The account was noticed in the media, the publications Dazed and Oyster wrote about it.

Then they were joined by Paper, Elle, Slate, Vogue, Slutever and the New York Post. So the news about the fan project reached Patricia Field herself, who worked on the images of the heroines of the series.

Field loved this idea incredibly. According to her, it brought her a lot of joy in her old age.

Note that 80-year-old Patricia is an Oscar winner for the best costume design for films.

Later, other fans of the series joined the account and helped turn it into a real online magazine.

Renowned artist Justin Teodoro began to paint post covers for free.

A year later, already in 2017, “Every outfit for you from Sex and the City” gained real weight on the Web.

Then Donald Trump became the new president of the United States, and Instagram figures decided to ridicule him with a frame from the series.

For the inauguration of the head of state, the account published a newspaper clipping entry of Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, who wrote the article “To write or not to write? That is the question”.

This was a reference to Hamlet’s sacramental question, only in the meaning of the act of urinating during sex. Thus, the authors tried to express their dissatisfaction with the election of Trump.

For this, Vogue magazine nominated them for an award in the field of the development of American social networks.

In Russia, such an award is called “Hero of the Runet”, it is received by bloggers or publications.

In the same year, ads appeared on the pages of the account.

Surprisingly, Russian vodka was advertised to American subscribers as a drink to be drunk by people with a steel press and good potency.

Russian men should say thank you for the compliment!

Six months later, 55-year-old actress and politician Cynthia Nixon signed up for “Every outfit for you from“ Sex and the City ”” herself, urging her fans to vote for her on her Twitter account.

So, fan art could have a huge impact on politics, develop a whole store of things and preserve the history of “Sex and the City” fashion, as well as popularize it.

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