Cayman wins in Spain

Janice Cayman won in the female version of the Champions League with Lyon at Levante with 1-2. The Red Flame played thirteen minutes. During the preparation and in the competition match against Reims (3-0) she was a basic player. The new coach mainly uses Cayman as a right back. (DD)  

Football associations step up fight against racism

After a period of almost a year without competitions due to the corona pandemic, Belgian amateur football was able to start again this summer. The Belgian Football Association (KBVB) and the language wings Voetbal Vlaanderen and ACFF seize this moment to call on all amateur clubs to continue to fight against discrimination and racism on and along the football fields, both among youth and adults.

The KBVB, together with the language wings, launched the ‘Come Together action plan’ against discrimination and racism six months ago. In this context, a Diversity Board was set up, independent directors were integrated for the first time in the Board of Directors of the KBVB and the National Chamber of Discrimination and Racism was installed. 

As support, each club will receive a package with a series of official Come Together posters including Red Flame Kassandra Missipo, Red Devil Romelu Lukaku and referee Nicolas Laforge. It is the intention that all clubs display this material clearly in their accommodations and canteens, the KBVB said. In this way, the football association also wants to put the reporting center for discrimination and racism back in the spotlight via the RBFA app.

“In order to be able to work in a more targeted way, those reports are extremely important,” says Nand De Klerck, spokesperson at Voetbal Vlaanderen. “That is why the referee report has also been adjusted from this season. From now on, the refs will be asked explicitly whether they have observed discrimination or racism and they are obliged to record every report from a player, representative or supporter, even if they have not heard or seen the discrimination themselves. Our referees, like any individual club, are a crucial partner in this battle.” 

The KBVB and language wings link a competition for amateur clubs to the ‘Come Together action plan’. At the end of the season, a jury will select a club in each province that has distinguished itself in the fight against racism and discrimination. “These clubs will receive an extra reward from the federations,” said De Klerck. 

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