Taylor Swift wanted to try herself in a new role.

The artist is not only a singer, but also a director. She has already directed several videos for her compositions, including the recently released track All Too Well. She also tried herself as an actress, starring in the comedy “Amsterdam” by David O. Russell.

Taylor does not plan to stop there. The celebrity admitted that he was going to shoot a feature film. The details of this project are still being kept under wraps.

“It would be amazing to write and direct a full film. I don’t think it will be big. I enjoyed making intimate films with a small but close-knit team that I trusted,” she said.

Swift noted that she fully financed the project in question, which is a separate reason for her pride. The singer also noted that it is still not easy for women to act in the film industry as directors.

“You need to keep in mind that, despite the novelty of such an experience for me, it is still incredibly difficult for other women to create films, and I will try to think about it,” the star said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter .

Many American actresses after success on the screen or on stage want to take the director’s chair. For example, Angelina Jolie recently thought about this.

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