The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge want to be treated differently.

Life at Buckingham Palace has been hectic lately. The grandchildren of Elizabeth II know how to surprise. But this time it was not the scandalous Harry that caused a heated discussion, but Prince William and his wife.

One of the insiders of the royal family said that the eldest son of Prince Charles, along with his wife, wants to give up royal titles. The couple would have preferred to be addressed without superfluous honors – just by their first names.

“They will try to avoid bowing and curtseying in public, to become more accessible, less formal, break away from stuffy traditions,” a source told The Mirror .

William and Kate came to this decision after the Royal tour of the Caribbean. Then, in the states they visited, a series of protests took place due to the visit of royal persons. With their act, the Cambridges can make a kind of revolution in the royal family.

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