Jennifer Lopez built not only a dizzying career as a singer and actress, but also managed to attract attention with her personal life. Her reunion with Ben Affleck was happily watched by millions of fans. However, there may be something more hidden behind this love affair.

The American star celebrates his 53rd birthday on July 24. On this day, especially for the News portal, music critic Alexei Ostudin explained that J. Lo has achieved tremendous success thanks to her talent and hard work.

“First of all, she revealed herself in music. I listened to her songs a few years ago. It turned out to be a lot of hits. She has an audience of Latin music, she does not forget about her roots. She really has a lot of good songs, she looks good, she works hard.

It does not have any uniqueness, like, for example, Madonna. The films in which she starred are not at all shameful. She also produced them. Cinema for Lopez is just an accompanying business, she has a lot of not so much successful as funny films that can brighten up the evening, ”said Alexei Ostudin

In addition to her film career and popularity in the music field, Lopez was able to attract media attention with her personal life. The recent wedding with Affleck is a clear confirmation of this. According to the critic, this move only proves that they will still talk about Lopez, but she will not leave her career for the sake of her family.

“A whole series of marriages: there was P Diddy, then Marc Anthony, in the USA he is a megastar of Latin music, now she is reunited with Ben Affleck. Such a rich personal life also fuels interest in her. The very fact of resuming relations with Affleck fits very well into a new stage of his career. Interest in this is now very large, and in show business nothing happens just like that, ”said the expert.

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