We show you the first few minutes of the F1 2021 story mode titled Braking Point. Follow the career of young Aiden and his partner Akkerman.

In addition to knowing the settings and browsing the “typical” game modes, we have the history of video games from Codemasters and Electronic Arts. F1 2021 has Braking Point mode , in which we’ll get to know a bit about the careers of rookie Aiden and veteran Akkerman.

In the story they will have their advantages and disadvantages as you can see in these first minutes of the Braking Point mode of F1 2021. Each race will be a world in which we will have to complete different missions and even team commands. To all this between race and race, we will be able to enjoy the cutscenes, phone calls from different characters, the reaction in fan networks and others.

F1 2021 settings for all cars and circuits

Although not all circuits allow us to do this, in some races we will be competing from the start. They are few, but in these races we will be able to touch our car and the settings to be able to win at the braking point of F1 2021. From this link you can see the entire guide that Anastasio “El Derrapes ” did. All circuits with all the settings that go well in the dry.

And this should be noted, because at times in Braking Point we will be riding in the rain like on the Spa circuit. We will therefore have to pay attention to what they tell us on the radio and decide.

Very soon on the web you will have an analysis of this F1 2021 in its version for Xbox One. From the start, I can tell you that I had a good time. I’m not a big fan of video game driving simulations, but being able to put EVERYTHING on and having the game almost Arcade appealed to me.

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