Sony has announced the awesome CGI Final Fantasy VII film, Advent Children , is remastered and upgraded for a 4K UHD version.

If you’re looking for more Final Fantasy VII goodness this year, Sony has you covered with an all-new 4K re-release of Children of Advent on June 8, 2021 . The movie , which is used on the game beloved, has been improved with even better graphics and includes the Director’s Cut with 26 additional minutes.

Two years have passed since peace was won and the ruins of Midgar bear witness to the sacrifices made to win this battle. But when a mysterious illness is linked to an insidious plot to resurrect an old foe, Cloud must choose between the life of loneliness he’s committed to or taking back the sword to save the planet he loves so much. With an expanded director’s cut containing 26 minutes of explosive extra footage and over 1,000 revised scenes, FINAL FANTASY VII: ADVENT CHILDREN COMPLETE is an overwhelming CGI sci- fi adventure you can’t afford to miss!


Newly remastered in 4K, with HDR10
New English and Japanese Dolby Atmos audio tracks + English and Japanese 5.1 audio


Feature shown in HD
On the way to a smile – Episode: Denzel animated film
Reminiscent of FINAL FANTASY VII Original Story Digest
Reminiscent of FINAL FANTASY VII Story Digest compilation
The legacy of the FINAL FANTASY VII star

Will you be picking up Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children completed this June?

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