While the world froze in anticipation of the sentencing of Johnny Depp, many artists decided not to stand aside from this resonant event.

Former member of the legendary The Beatles Paul McCartney has been friends with Depp for a long time. The singer even appeared in one of the parts of “Pirates of the Caribbean” in the role of Uncle Jack Sparrow. And the famous actor starred in McCartney’s videos.

So, the 79-year-old musician at a concert in the USA during the performance of the song My Valentine showed behind his back a video for this composition, which starred Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp. Many listeners felt that McCartney thus supports his old friend in a difficult period of his life. TMZ writes about it .

Among Russian celebrities there were also those who decided to comment on the scandalous court case. Rapper Yegor Creed could not restrain his emotions from the testimony of Amber Heard and her antics, which became known at the trial. The singer also came to the defense of Depp and called the behavior of his ex-wife trash.

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