Andrew Garfield made Zendaya seriously think about her career with a provocative question.

Young American actress Zendaya successfully conquers Hollywood. She starred in the new Spider-Man trilogy with Tom Holland , and also became the main star of the Euphoria series.

In the series, the 25-year-old celebrity performed several soundtracks that became hits. Fans believe that the celebrity will have incredible success on the pop scene.

But Zendaya is in no hurry to collect concert halls. When asked by her colleague Andrew Garfield, who she feels like more – an actress or a singer, the American answered with a confession.

“I don’t know if I can ever be a pop star. It’s because as an actress I have a certain level of anonymity that I really like. And I can broadcast some parts of myself through the character, and no one needs to know about it, ” Variety quotes the star .

She added that the role of the singer sets the framework when the performer has only one image, and this scenario is certainly not for the versatile Zendaya.

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