A FIFA 21 player , known on YouTube as Davros Boakin , he managed to score 2,000 goals with Petr Čech , Chelsea goalkeeper and Premerie League legend. An achievement that began last year with the release of the EA game , documented through six videos and then posted to YouTube and Reddit, where Davros Boakin is known as Dsrii. The 2,000 goal goal was surpassed just a few days ago. It took 1276 gamessucceed. The player used Petr Čech’s card, worth 86, in the FIFA Ultimate Team Rivals division. A daring strategy for using a goalkeeper on offense, but one that has proven useful against some particularly skilled opponents. Among other things, in the six videos posted there are spectacular goals, including one scored halfway.

However, the reactions of the FIFA 21 Community , especially on Reddit, they are mixed. There are several users who have followed the original path taken by Dsrii with affection and curiosity. Others, however, reacted with some resentment after what was seen in the videos. “I think if that happened to me, I would uninstall the game,” reported one of the comments in question. In general, it seems there is a bit of anger seeing players defeated by a goalie, which suggests that the game is somewhat broken.

In recent days, FIFA 21 has suffered a drop in Metacriticism , the largest and most well-known of all voting aggregation platforms. According to the Sport Bible portal, this bombing criticism is a consequence of community resentment over Dsrii’s videos. EA’s stock currently has a user score of 0.8 versus 72 from the trade press. The fact that FIFA 21 users are not very open to comparison is nothing new: Eurogamer.com recently reported frequent episodes of racism among users of the various game modes present.

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