A new project of the film studio, the series “Hawkeye”, has started on the streaming service from Disney. Many people liked the classic plot of the master and student of the new project.

The series, imbued with the spirit of the coming Christmas, received positive reviews from film critics. According to the plot, Hawkeye himself, Clint Barton, is going to retire and finds himself a replacement in the person of Kate Bishop – an excellent shooter and a difficult teenager. It is to her that Barton is trying to instill discipline and superhero skills.

Critics have noted a special “chemistry” between the leading actors Jeremy Renner and Hayley Steinfield. The latter is especially noted.

“Steinfield is clearly dominating. She embodies on the screen the traits of a frustrated teenager Kate, always breaking the boundaries of her future mentor and being a mute witness to the relationship between her mother and Jack, as well as the role of a blockbuster hero, “writes The Guardian .

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