A$AP Rocky has released a clip of the “rehearsal” of the wedding ceremony.

The long-awaited moment seems to have arrived. Rapper A$AP Rocky and Rihanna may soon get married. The day before, the musician released a video, and a lover appeared in it. The singer is already in the last months of pregnancy, and the baby is about to appear.

The clip could have completely passed by the attention of the public, if not for one interesting scene. The couple seemed to be rehearsing for the upcoming wedding. Rihanna was wearing a red veil, which her lover carefully lifted. And the next couple of seconds made the celebrity fan community rejoice. At some point, the rapper smiled at the camera and showed the grills, which were emblazoned with the inscription “Will you marry me?”. Rihanna also answers her beloved with a smile: “Yes.”

So far, the celebrities themselves have not commented on whether this was a real marriage proposal. According to TMZ , the clip was just a joke, and celebrities are not yet thinking about getting married.

The fact that the lovers are waiting for their first child, it became known this winter. After there were many rumors that things were not so smooth between celebrities, but they denied the gossip.

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