The page of Nicolas Maduro, the president of Venezuela, was temporarily blocked by the social network for violating the rules of the tech giant against the spread of disinformation on Covid. . reported, explaining that in January, Maduro publicly defined Carvativir , a natural remedy derived from the thymus gland , as a “miracle” cure for the coronavirus . A statement without scientific basis and without the approval of the scientific community, which has never proven the effectiveness of this remedy against infection with SARS-COV-2.

Maduro posted a video on his official page to promote the drug, calling it a “miracle” that can be used both to treat Covid and to prevent infection. The video is spreading lies, something that prompted Facebook to remove it from the Venezuelan president’s page. On top of that, the Menlo Park company explained that due to repeated rule violations by Maduro’s page, they decided to block it for 30 days , during which you can only view what has already been published but the president will not be able to publish new messages.

In addition, Facebook pointed out that Carvativir is neither a cure nor a protection against the coronavirus. “We are following WHO guidelines which state that there is no cure for the virus,” said a spokesperson for the company. Maduro is not the only politician promoting alternative treatments, however: even former United States President Donald Trump has used the platform to disseminate unverified information about a drug, the cocktail of antibodies. REGN-COV2 , used for its treatment. As Facebook’s terms of service point out, the platform “removes disinformation when authorities conclude that the information is false and likely to contribute to violence”.

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