Vionita Sihombing, Jakarta Success with her first single, winner of The Voice Indonesia 2019, Vionita Sihombing is back with a new work. He has just released his second single entitled Dia Masa Lalumu Aku Masa Depanmu or DMLAMD.

This pop ballad-inspired song tells the story of a woman who falls in love with her best friend. In this relationship, he ended up in a friendzone situation .

DMLAMD was created by Raguel Lewi, a songwriter who successfully brought Mawar De Jongh to the top of the Indonesian song charts and this single only took one month to complete, from song selection to video clip processing.

Memorable Work

Vionita said that DMLAMD was a very memorable work for her, because the story and the timing coincided with her current mood.

“From the beginning, when I was given the song demo, I was hesitant about whether to choose this song or not, because to be honest I’m experiencing this again. And I’m afraid of getting caught. But when I thought, I think the universe supports it. So, who knows, it explodes later the song “he said as released by FIMELA, Friday (5/3/2021).

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Furthermore, Vio hopes that this song will later become the top of mind of those who listen to it and hopefully this song can inspire many people to dare to end heartache because of something meaningless.

“The one who is being friended is enthusiastic, let’s stop. We are looking for other people who have love for us, we don’t have to expect things that are not clear,” he said.

This Vionita song can already be heard on all music platforms. You can also watch the video clip on the Hits Record youtube channel.

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