The public is used to seeing celebrities in full dress at major events. Few people know what these same actors and singers look like in everyday life. Many of our favorites wear sweatshirts, sweatpants and trainers just like us, and instead of luxurious Hollywood curls, they have a careless bun on their heads. The paparazzi helped us find 16 examples that prove that stars at social events and in real life are completely different people.

On the red carpet, Cara Delevingne is always emphatically sexy, but in ordinary life she looks like a housewife.

Orlando Bloom’s wife Katy Perry can teach a lesson in style and grace, but not when it comes to trying to disguise.

In real life, actress Anne Hathaway and style are absolutely incompatible things.

Rooney Mara successfully transforms into an unknown woman when she really needs it.

Maybe that’s why Tom Cruise broke up with Katie Holmes? In ordinary life, the actress bears little resemblance to herself in the parade.

Even legendary supermodel Tyra Banks, nothing human is alien.

Claire Danes is committed to the Convenience First Principle.

Eva Longoria off the red carpet is us when we cease to be comfortable for those around us.

But Sharon Stone is beautiful outside of social events. True, recognizing her without makeup is another task.

Cameron Diaz is also not averse to sometimes giving up makeup and a three-meter train.

Julia Roberts like no one knows – everyone needs to accept themselves!

Zendaya is a passionate admirer of stretched sweatpants and booties on her head.

Rachel Weisz doesn’t mind occasionally swapping sexy dresses for faded jeans.

Chloe Moretz, unlike many, does not hide behind black glasses, but she does not hide her passion for everyday clothes.

Uma Thurman without makeup and in black – top level camouflage!

Amy Adams: “What about a shapeless dress and oversized jeans?”

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