Celine Van Ouytsel recently lost her grandfather, after having previously had to hand over her grandmother. Nevertheless, the Kempense seems to be surprisingly well in its own skin. “My grandmother was very optimistic about life, and I think it is my job to continue that positivity,” admits Van Ouytsel. “At the same time, I may have grown an elephant skin over the years.

You would think that Van Ouytsel refers to the criticism and sometimes negative media attention that she sometimes received as a former Miss Belgium. But actually she is mainly talking about the prejudices that she had to deal with as a young girl. “I am blond and loved pink since I was a child. People automatically think that you are stupid. But actually I was bullied for a long time because I was too thin. So you see that you can have to deal with body shaming at a young age. I myself have come out stronger happier, but my sense of justice does say that we should pay more attention to bullying. Because there are people who encounter their bullies at a later age, and who are still stiff with fear, ”says Van Ouytsel. 

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