The cosmetologist studied the photo of the film star and delivered her verdict.

Nicole Kidman delighted fans with her youthful appearance, and in a month the actress will celebrate her 55th birthday! A celebrity is not afraid to appear to a huge audience without makeup, and this cannot but delight.

In the social network, the actress shared a fresh picture. On it, she is captured in the company of Chinese director Lulu Wang. Apparently, the actress does not make up at all. Blond hair pulled back.

Nicole Kidman Lulu Wang

As the cosmetologist and dermatologist Irina Kotova noted in an exclusive interview with the onnewstimes portal, the presence of “plastic” in the actress is no secret for a long time.

“Her passion for botulinum toxin is also known to everyone. In many films and TV shows, her strange facial expressions are visible, or rather, her absence due to the toxin, ”the expert noted.

Many fans note the perfectly white skin color of a celebrity. The actress herself said that she uses a special homemade cream based on chicken fat. The cosmetologist believes that a miracle remedy helps the Moulin Rouge star! keep white.

“The external products that she uses, apparently, just give her white porcelain skin, because she essentially does home peels,” the expert concluded.

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