The acting career of one of the four children of the star of the film “Forrest Gump” Tom Hanks did not work out as successfully as his famous father.

31-year-old Chester Hanks has played in several TV shows, but the heir is attracted to this life in a completely different way. Hanks offspring often makes his parents blush.

After all, he often flashes in the headlines of the yellow press. Rampant life, the use of illegal substances are increasingly tightening Chester. The ungrateful son, instead of asking for help, decided to blame his parent for all his troubles.

“Fame is the most powerful drug, it can also be the most destructive. I was just the son of someone famous, but everyone was ready to hate me. This led me to the path of self-destruction, ”Chester complained on his personal YouTube channel .

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Tom Hanks 

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