The novelty of Marvel, the blockbuster “The Eternals”, has not yet debuted in Russia, but has already hit the epicenter of the scandal – it was given an “18+” rating and, most likely, because of the scene with men kissing. As Kevin Feige made it clear, the upcoming MCU novelties will face the same fate, at least in the Russian Federation.

“There are plenty of gay characters in the comics already, but there will be more in future Marvel films. This is just the beginning, “Feige said in a comment for Variety.

At the same time, the progressive Western community only rejoices at the promised “rainbow” prospects for new films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans on Twitter do not like the fact that gay and bisexuals are getting “criminally short” time on the screen:

“I’ll believe it when Marvel stops giving gay characters literally 10 seconds of screen time,” “I’m very happy about that. Now we must not forget about deaf superheroes “,” This is a real breakdown of culture. “

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