55-year-old director James Gunn nearly lost his job at Marvel a few years ago because of his scandalous tivt from his early days. However, after that he was happily offered to work for DC.

Gunn had a hand in relaunching Suicide Squad, and her film received much higher critical acclaim than the original David Ayer. The restart scored 7.8 stars on IMDb, while the original scored a modest 5.9 .

In addition, it became known that James was given complete creative freedom when working on the film. However, even he was shocked by some of the designs of the DC bosses.

For example, they wanted the suicide squad’s main enemy to be Henry Cavill’s Superman. The squad members “somehow” had to defeat the “man of steel.”

“It was one of the crazy ideas that I buried right away. They wanted Superman to get out of control, and the squad was busy capturing him. If you decide to shoot something like that, then without me, please, ”Gunn told Film Stars .

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