Evelina Papoulias

Evelina Papoulia, a guest of Sissy Christidou on the show “Ela Hamogela” on OPEN, spoke about the allegations of sexual abuse, both in the theater and elsewhere, with the actress referring to both the victims who complain of abuse and persons who have so far been charged.

“You can not know… I am not much of a gossip and I do not like to take a position, as if I am God and I know everything” said Evelina Papoulias and added: ” Of course I am in favor of the victims. That is, you must be “Stupid, you idiot not to be. But when you do not know, will you go out to take a position? Lawyers and they can not take a position… Will I come to a conclusion as to what? Will I go out to criticize one person or take another in my throat?” .

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