The Eternals trailer takes us from a primitive land to the present day. What will this story bring us?

Do you know what’s more dangerous than Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Neither do we, so after seeing that Eternals trailer it ‘ll be time to ask them what they were doing when the incident happened.

Okay, maybe we got a little bit of hate, but we have high hopes for the Eternals (and the ending of Endgame still hurts us). This new cinematic work from the House of Ideas promises to show us things of all kinds.

For starters, the vital journey of the same ones shown in the video shows us that we won’t face a Marvel movie like the usual movies. Ultimately, exploring various historical eras can be a lot of play.

Its ending, moreover, leaves us on the record that they are aware of what happened after the events of the forfeiture. Where were they then? Hope they answer these questions appropriately.

To know everything in detail, we will have to wait until November of this year to enjoy this story, which undoubtedly seems interesting to all Marvel fans.

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