Erietta Kourkoulou Latsi has decided to live her life away from the limelight, however she has a very active Instagram account.

Through him, the daughter of Nikos Kourkoulos and Marianna Latsi has chosen to talk about her decision to become a vegan, while sometimes she shows us some of her personal moments with her husband.

At noon on Holy Saturday, she wanted to reveal that she will spend Easter Sunday, with her favorite Byron Vassiliadis by her side.

“This year, Byron and I have chosen to create our own tradition, spending Easter Sunday in Oropos, next to animals we have rescued from slaughterhouses, with friends, μη and not – who have decided to stay away from the bloodshed of the day. of them.

It was my personal choice to celebrate away from my mother and siblings, because that feels right and I know they understand me too.

Nevertheless, I am strongly opposed to judging vegetarians who have chosen (like me for the last 6 years) to spend Easter with their families, again staying true to their own moral and nutritional choices.

Each of us experiences this transition differently and we have nothing to gain from criticizing each other. We are all together in the fight against the torture and slaughter of trillions of innocent souls and we must not forget that!

I wish everyone a Happy Resurrection and a bloodless Easter full of health and love! “He wrote characteristically.

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