Music critic Ilya Legostaev , in his interview , speculated about the reasons for the popularity of the rap genre. According to him, he is popular primarily because people believe the artists of this genre, in spite of, and perhaps due to, the “raspy nature” of rap artists.

At the same time, in Russia, the rise of rap is associated with the literary centricity of Russian culture and attention to lyrics (which is confirmed by the success of such performers as Oxxxymiron), and in the United States with a connection with folk roots (blues, gospel, funk and other genres).
“Anyone can do this now. You just need a cheap microphone and some stolen program in your computer, and now you can record a hip-hop track from which your career can start, “added the specialist.

Legostaev also commented on Jay-Z’s new record (the artist received the most Grammy nominations in history). According to him, the rapper is a super-successful tycoon in the industry, who, in addition to his own recordings, actively produces other artists.

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