The actress spent a romantic evening with her lover.

Charlize Theron was suspected of a new novel. The American diva may be dating 45-year-old Canadian fashion model Gabriel Aubry. US Weekly writes about this , citing a source.

The Canadian handsome man has a rich love biography. He was with Halle Berry for five years, the couple broke up with a scandal in 2010, they have a 14-year-old daughter. Aubrey was also credited with an affair with Kim Kardashian. By the way, he was seen with a TV star several times at a sports stadium shortly after breaking up with Holly.

Theron and Aubrey were already caught by the paparazzi together in 2017. Then joint photos of celebrities appeared in the press. But the actress denied the rumors: supposedly their children go to the same school.

Gabriel Orbi

According to the source, this time the couple was noticed during a romantic date, but, alas, no details.

“Charlize is dating Gabriel Aubry,” the source says of the 46-year-old Oscar winner and 45-year-old fashion model. “They are very laid-back and enjoy each other.”

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