Saying goodbye to another relationship, 41-year-old Kim Kardashian decided to take out the insult on the scandalous performer Kanye West. The model did not spare the outrageous rapper and forced him to take radical action.

The reason for the squabble between the ex-spouses was the publication of a 45-year-old artist, now referring to himself as “Ye”. Kanye took the opportunity to mock the broken heart of the model and posted the cover of the New York Times on his personal blog with the headline “Skeet Davidson died at the age of 28.” However, the mother of four children did not like the provocative trick.

“Kim is upset. Not only is she sad because of the breakup, but also this. Kardashian does not approve of such behavior and will not tolerate her loved ones being treated in this way. She asked him many times to remove the post. She will always protect Pete,” an unknown source told E! News.

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