Charles Philip Arthur George has been waiting for his turn to ascend the throne for almost 70 years, but while Elizabeth II is in good health, the prince has to entertain himself in an unusual way. Recently, Prince Charles encroached on the sacred – he wanted to turn Buckingham Palace into a full-fledged museum, so that part of the spending on its maintenance would be transferred from the royal purse to the state.

Now Buckingham Castle is open for visits from April to September, but it is strictly forbidden to enter the royal chambers – Charles wants to remove all prohibitions and time frames. But this will not happen soon.

“Her children were born here, here the castle has become a symbol of the British monarchy. The Queen will not allow such changes while she is alive, ”a source close to the royal court shared with the Mirror .

Now Elizabeth II will spend several days a week at Buckingham Castle to repel Charles’s encroachments.

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