After a long wait, “Cruella” finally made it to theaters and the Disney + Premium Access service, managing to garner overwhelmingly positive reviews from specialist critics, with many naming the film as one of the best live action films ever produced. . In recent years for the “house of the mouse”.

While the film featured a host of clever nods to the ‘101 Dalmatians’ storyline, seasoned viewers shouldn’t expect to see Emma Stone, the protagonist of the story, wear one of the most popular stamps. most distinctive of Cruella de Vil on its previous versions: its cigarette.

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Stone pointed out in an interview with The New York Times that the film’s lack of cigarettes was something he found “difficult” when playing the iconic character. “It’s not licensed in 2021,” said Stone, when asked about the absence of this item on the tape.

“We are not allowed to smoke on screen in a Disney movie. It was hard not to have cigarettes. I was so excited to have this big plume of smoke, but it wasn’t possible. I don’t want to promote smoking, but I also don’t try to promote dog skin, ”Stone said.

The first to limit the presence of cigarettes in theaters would be Warner Bros. circa 2006. While these weren’t completely banned from their film sets, they were limited only to films that were totally aimed at an audience. mature and who have no relation with the children’s audience.

The absence of cigarettes in any Disney production began to be enforced since 2007 as a mandatory rule in the studio, not only in live-action movies, but in its animations as well. It would be a rule that has gradually spread to Marvel Studios and Lucasfilms.

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Recently, director Craig Gillespie shared in a conversation with some of the inspiring elements from the original ‘101 Dalmatians’ story, noting that he wanted to move away from the Glenn Close version so that Emma Stone could create. his own character and thus reflecting his desire to embrace the spirit of London in 1970.

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